Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's Literally The End of the Word. Would You Have Sex With Me Now?

'Well it was just building to the big climax and you just shut it off'
So I'm taking a long and delayed flight back to Los Angeles from Philly today, I've got a smelly fat guy to my right and a rude flight attendant buzzing in my ear. There's little to do except watch Anderson Cooper be too sexy for the news, but relief washes over me in a profound way. I remember that I have a rented HD copy of the new film It's a Disaster (2012) which premiered last year at the LA Film Festival, which I somehow missed whilst there. It's a brilliant dark comedy about the end of the world and just how awkward that can make a couples brunch.
Tracey and Glenn (Julia Stiles and David Cross) are a new couple who have only been on a few dates set off on one of Tracey's traditional couples brunches, but not all is dandy in suburban white people land. One of the couples is getting divorced, one is has been cheating with opposite sides of the first couple and one has set a date to get married 6 years ago, so clearly there's some commitment issues going on there, oh and then just as the brunch is about to be ruined by all this news their neighbor shows up in a haz-mat suit to inform everyone that a bunch of dirty bombs were set off downtown and soon everyone will basically be dead, or so surmises the chemistry teacher in the group (America Ferrara).
'...what's a dirty bomb bro?'
With all of the palpable sexual tension that already exists, things start getting even more awkward and tenisony as everyone begins to cope with the fact that they probably won't make it out of this alive, and it's going to be a really slow and painful way out once they realize that the attack is not nuclear but biological.
The batshit crazy tattooed coke doing couple decide to fuck it, and literally. The feuding couple makes amends, and out of the two ho can't commit, one becomes paranoid trying to decide what the hell is out there like it even matters while his chemistry teacher girlfriend goes outside her mind and decides if she's going to die horrible she's going to be wasted as shit doing it on all the scotch in the house and her own homemade ecstasy.
Theatrical poster for the film, voted into the top 20 movie posters of 2012 by filmschoolrejects.com
So the party is going great. And what of our protagonists, the newly together Julia Stiles and David Cross, well turns out dear Tracey is the perpetually single one at these couples brunches because she always seems to attract crazy (it's like I'm looking in a mirror), but she thinks she's finally found the one in Glenn who comforts her and makes their last night on earth romantic...at least for a while. I don't want to give everything away but poor Tracey realizes that Glenn is just as balls to the wall insane as all the rest of them, and as the options become more and more limited everyone accepts their fate...almost. It's a hilarious sex-comedy slash totally and completely dark, like to the point of I cannot believe I am laughing at this. Which makes it seductively bizarre, and everyone in the cast delivers a great performance that is at once punchy, touching, and right on target. It's a great film, I'm giving it my full recommendation.

Trailer below.

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