Friday, June 15, 2012

Decleration of Principles

 I realized I have yet to write one of these, and I guess it should be the first thing I should have lead-in with when I started this blog. Considering how big of an Orson Welles fan I am, I'm going to call this a Declaration of Principles even though it's more of a statement on the person I am and the kind of work that I do so that one doesn't see my posts as coming from an invisible anonymous source. 
Like anyone who is brave enough to put their thoughts out into the interwebs (or obnoxious enough) I am privy to a lot of flack, and sometimes it comes from the most surprising sources, like my constantly judgmental mother who cannot fathom why I use what she refers to as 'incomparable writing talents and creativity' to blog about penis length, sex-scenes, and man gravy. Well, I'll tell you, it's more than just the ever-present two words that bind together all of mind kind and society as we know it which is 'sex sells', but also it's what I enjoy doing, and it's what makes me feel relevant as a writer, which is something I almost never get to do, and unfortunately something that very few of us will ever get to do. Blogging is a way of writing and not worrying about a publisher buying it, or an editor destroying it. It's free, and it's easy, and it gives me that thing that I was born to crave - attention.
I might not be at a Jezebel level yet, but I have a pretty decent reader count, a good group of followers, and circulation is growing. I've been asked many times why I want to paint a picture of myself in such a way; a person who has constant dirty thoughts on her mind, says 'fuck' way too much, and publicly addresses the fact that she's most of the time completely perverted. Why can't I be nice, civil, charming, and what you can refer to as 'a lady'. The answer is simple. Because I'm not. I enjoy writing for Filth Screen, and sometimes it's the only thing I have to enjoy. When I can be completely free from censorship, hypocrisy, and cantankerous behavior is when I feel the most free. And since I'm not anywhere near writing my great American novel, I'll stick to this for now, thank you very much. And I'll never be ashamed of it.
I have never been a private person, and enjoy more than anything sharing all of my thoughts, as random and asinine as they may be with everyone as often as I am able to. It gives me pleasure, and I think that's the whole point. If you look at someone like Jean Genet who's in my opinion one of the greatest writers ever to wander aimlessly across this stupid earth, and used his snark, sarcasm, and wit to point out everything he saw ridiculous with it, and do it in a manner that was purely unapologetic, you have to admire that. And if I'm anywhere near that ever in my trajectory, I'll consider myself a success. What else can I say? Haters gonna hate. 

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