Saturday, March 24, 2012

Armond White Inspired TV Better-Than List (Filthier Than...)

Mad Men > Downton Abbey
Unpredictable romances and devastating results, stylized but believable that makes us truly nostalgic. substance vs. aesthetic.

(note I really like Downton Abbey, it's one of the best shows on television but Mad Men IS better folks, if we're comparing the two)

Dance Moms > Smash
Truth is stranger than fiction, a portrayal of performers that's truly devastating. Retrospective vs. Exploitation.

Cougar Town > Happy Endings
An estrogen farm that's not disingenuous. Satire vs. Sanctimonious Snark.

Portlandia > I Just Want My Pants Back
Hipster skewering manages to still be interesting and unapologetic. Comedy vs. Sarcasm.

Jersey Shore > Keeping Up With the Kardashians
The former manages to keep the most hateful types of people somehow endearing and vastly interesting.
Marketing genius vs. shameless self-promotion.

GCB > Hart of Dixie 
Although teetering on exploitive, GCB manages to remain dirty and amusing while Hart of Dixie has always sustained a monotonous fish-out-of-water immaturity. Blunt vs. Bland.

Raising Hope > Modern Family 
Chaotic and bizarre in ways that don't get cliche'd fast. Insight vs. Redundancy.

The Secret Circle > The Vampire Diaries
A show about mystical and mysterious sexualized hotties that's deliberately campy.
Ironic fabulousness vs. trying too hard.

Whitney > Are You There Chelsea 
Although completely off on it's comedy, Whitney accentuates the filth and wins in the better-dirty-jokes race.
Authenticity vs. Gimmick

(another note: everything would be better than Glee so I'm not going to compare it to anything)

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