Saturday, November 19, 2011

Seductress Pick: Jennifer Lawrence

Barely out of her teens and already a major force in the industry, it seemed strange for this burgeoning seductress to at first even to be considered for LionsGate's much awaited adaptation of the insanely successful runaway hit The Hunger Games. They were probably pulling for Ellen Page, or Kristen Stewart as strong, sensitive, and uniquely versatile Katniss Everdeen. The next big ingenue role in town, and no one saw it coming. But I have faith that J-Law will prove wrong even the biggest of nay-sayers. 
She came from virtual obscurity, and landed her big break just last year in Winter's Bone (2010) when playing the desperate but strong Ree, a girl who has literally nothing to lose, prowling around the Ozark mountains in chase after her phantom meth-maker father. It was bleak, depressing, and difficult, and yet everyone left asking themselves, who is that blonde girl and why am I suddenly obsessed with her? Subsequently the *seemingly* timid Jennifer received an Oscar nom, well deserved,  but NO ONE expected she's dress head to tow in a skin tight, backless, burnt-umber Calvin Klien number on the red carpet looking like the rogue baby of Marlene Dietrich and Jessica Rabbit. That's when she went form that new girl with major acting chops from that tiny movie that gets all of the oscar nominations and no wins to 'oh my god we need her in our film, no matter what. Call her agent like now.' 
She's dangerous but she is not a femme fatale, she's flirtatious, but she's not the 'other woman', she's elusive, but she tough as nails. This kind of confidence makes her the perfect candidate for seductress picks. It's great that I get to focus on an actress who from the time she was born to us on the screen, and has the ability to draw even the biggest skeptics in. We are always left guessing, and because we now expect her to wow us with something new, which she has in the upcoming Like Crazy (2011)  and the widely anticipated Hunger Games (2012) hopefully cementing her cult status and knocking K-Stew off her pedestal. People want to hire her, and when she appears in Maxim soaking wet and half naked in a compromising pose, it doesn't matter, because she appears so confident and intelligent that no one can touch her. She's looking she slated to start take over at an minute, oh and keep in mind she's like 19 years old. 
She is classically beautiful, curvy, long wavy dirty blonde hair and pail stark blue eyes, full lips and a husky sultry voice. But she's not afraid of changing it up and not always looking like a Florentine Botticelli statue. She's almost other-wordly. She is the aphrodite being born amidst a plethora of scripts and cameras, and in this chaos the eventuality will i hope be some unusual but perfectly fitting element in cinema that an industry doesn't understand, and yet can't live without. I think for this time, she's that anomaly that has always existed in the industry. The kind of versatility she is able to produce while keeping a concrete sense of her 'brand' is what makes a seductress. 

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