Sunday, November 6, 2011

Filthiest SNL Sketches

SNL really started getting raunchy in the 90's. They did do the Lord and Lady Douchebags sketch back in the 70's, but if you want to talk about too hot for live TV, they've been getting away with murder lately, and it's fantastic. Let's hope the kids did go to bed before 11:30. Here are some of the filthiest the writers and cast of SNL have come up with through the years, that somehow slipped past the NBC censorship radar. 
The only sketch in SNL history to have an ice cream flavor named after it. Schweddy Balls could be one of the most brilliant to date. Anna Gasteyer and Molly Shannon do this parody on NPR shows called Delicious Dish, and in their third or fourth sketch when Alec Baldwin was hosting did a gag in which his name was Pete Schweddy, and his culinary speciality was these holiday dessert balls, much like doughnut holes. The big joke of course being all of the double entendres that were inescapable on a radio program from 'I can't wait to get my mouth around these balls' to 'do whatever you want to them ladies, my balls are here for your pleasure'. I was lucky enough to see this sketch when it first premiered and I remember the reaction to this day. Pandaemonium. Well deserved. 
This was another unforgettable double entendre sketch conceived by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.The host, Christopher Walken plays a Civil War commander named Colonel Angus. For those of you not in the know, when said over and over and in a southern accent begins to sounds an awful lot like 'cunnilingus'. Which of course leads to some hilarity in its play on words like 'I myself never much cared for Colonel Angus...he rubs me the wrong way' and 'Colonel Angus is an acquired taste'.
I don't think there's an actual name to this running sketch from the 90's with Cheri Oteri and Chris Kattan as the horniest couple in the world that are always getting way too inappropriate in the most awkward settings, and when the poor outsider is turned on by it and decides to join in, they all of a sudden switch gears automatically and chastise said person for being perverted. 
The infamous canteen boy sketch that made Alec Baldwin a hit on the SNL hosting circuit and reminded all of us just how hairy he is. He plays some kind of scout master that takes advantage of a dim-witted kid who serves as the canteen boy for his troop. This was Adam Sandler's inspiration for his eventual waterboy character...which admittedly we could have all done without. 
Kenan Thompson has been an inspired addition to the SNL institution since 2003, and this is one of his funniest and filthiest characters. Done in the commercial parody formula, Grady Wilson's 'Burnin' Up the Bedsheets' is a hilarious take on some of the most improbable sex positions imaginable. 
This sketch is known unofficially as 'Kissing Family'. Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig play the parents to Bill Hader's college kid character who kiss each other just a little too much, which leads to groping, nibbling, and full on ogling. It's very gratuitous, but also very funny.

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