Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Evolution of Christopher Eccleston's Bare Ass

Does anyone else notice that Christopher Eccleston shows his bare ass in every film he's ever been in? literally ever single one? Ok not literally but it happens a lot. Actually I don't think it happens enough, I think it should happen literally in all of his films, and if it happened on Dr. Who, his would have been the most memorable incarnation easily. I bet he wanted to but the BBC wouldn't let him, lame. I just came to this realization and considering I have a long withstanding crush on the British actor it has been majorly impactful in my life. I feel that ass-acting should be in a category of it's own. It's so important to the whole scope and atmosphere of the story. And no one else has gotten it down to an art form more than Eccleston. His ass is almost as good an actor as he is, it definitely has a life of his own. I'm wondering if Eccleston is classically trained but his ass is more method. 
This is a handsome guy, who like the rest of us has aged over time, not necessarily as frighteningly as say Ralph Fiennes, but definitely looks his age (which is not even that old, 47). But it seems that his ass does not wither or wrinkle with age. He clearly has a copy of Buns of Steel, or sold his soul to the ass gods, because every time I see it, I feel blessed to live in such a world. Here, i present to you the artful and mesmerizing ass acting of Christopher Eccleston. If there were ass oscars he should have about 15 by now.  

Shallow Grave (1993)
Clenched, nervous, connoting that he is at a crossroads and is not able to handle the current situation he finds himself in. His ass conveys 'hey, i've had a really rough few weeks what with committing murder and covering it up and everything. Perhaps a nice long shower will sooth me'.
Jude (1996)
Relaxed, pensive, ready for whatever may come next including the demise of both himself and his lover (Kate Winslet) considering they are first cousins. His ass is unapologetic and proud in this scene. Come what may. 
Elizabeth (1998)
Ok I really really apologize for the quality of this photo, but you know it's only so long one can look for christopher eccleston's bare ass pics on the internet without feeling completely sorry for oneself so i just decided to take a photo of the youtube clip. Here, his ass connotes, I'm flexing because I'm big and strong and powerful and after I have sex with my girlfriend, I'm going to overthrow the queen and rule the British Empire. 
Lennon Naked (2010)
Here recreating the cover to John Lennon's and Yoko Ono's Two Virgins album cover. Even in his mid-40's his ass is tighter than I've ever seen it, good job Eccleston. Here, it's as if his ass is telling us, 'hey, i'm John freakin' Lennon' i can get naked if I want to. That's how I roll.' sweet. 

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Anonymous said...

His ass is better than most guys' faces. He has the most kissable tushy ever!