Friday, January 31, 2014

To My Best Friend In The Whole Wide World

Us back in the day.
So I re-watched yesterday's finale of Parks and Recreation this morning at work and realized something really strange. For those of you who don't watch the show, 1. You suck, 2. You'll know it's the one where Anne and Chris leave Pawnee forever and ever and Leslie and Anne have to say unbearably tearful goodbyes to each other. The end nearly killed me, I was bawling which is something I never do in comedies, so bravo Parks and Rec
But this morning I noticed something different. Leslie and Anne's goodbyes runs in direct parallel to me having to say goodbye to one of the most important people in my life; my best friend Dominique Lefebvre who has been with me through thick and thin, through all my poor and questionable decisions, and been not only a solid shoulder to cry on, but the warmest pair of arms that hug me. She's stood by me during my best moments (literally), and helped me up from my the floor at my most painful moments. She's a treasure. I sadly haven't seen her in a very long time, basically not since moving away from New York which was in 2010 unless you count our Brief Encounter (one of our favorite films!) in Los Angeles in 2011 where we celebrated my 26th birthday with a bottle of champagne, caviar, and Beard Papa's cream puffs like a baws. 

The three musketeers (our best friend Steven is in the middle) at our favorite go-to, Suite. A gay bar 2 minute walking distance from all of our apartments. Kareoke was a tradition. 
But there's not a day that went by in those almost 4 days where we didn't talk in one way or another, or touch base. So let me just give you some exposition on her. She's French Canadian, and now has to move back to Montreal this Sunday. But, because of Gchat, Skype, and Facebook, I'm sure we'll survive...and yet it's the end of an era! 
She's a filmmaker, as well as a lyricist. She is extremely talented and we met completely by accident when I crashed an MFA mixer before our classes even started at Dodge Hall in Columbia University's School of the Arts. Someone had suggested leaving the bar everyone was at and finding another one, and me having lived in NY for three years already, new the perfect place. We ended up seated next to each other at the now closed Cooper 35/Asian Pub (Rest in Peace) near the Bowery, drinking 4$ mojitos and chatting and then all spending the night at another friend's place. Since that night, we were inseparable. We got lots of teases for being joined at the hip even though we weren't even in the same department, and when mommie dearest came to visit NY she immediately fell in love with her, and my mom is hard to please. 

Freckles on her graduation day so pretty and proud!
But more about Dom, or 'Snickers' as I call her, which she hates so I basically stick to 'Freckles' (we're Lost fans, her name for me is 'Blondie', thanks Sawyer). Anyway, she is extremely talented, writing and directing as well as producing a many shorts during her time in Columbia, all which were brilliant. In fact, I've written about them before, you can find them here: Make Way For The Gossip Queen. I know that wherever she is she's going to go far and accomplish great things. Her tenacity, sense of humor, originality, loyalty, and creativity round out such an amazing person that I am so unbelievably lucky to call my friend, that I have no doubt that whatever she seeks out to accomplish, she will. I love you sister, and remember, that maid of honor promise still stands :) I'll miss you more than I already do, but I know that no matter what (as sappy as this is about to sound) we'll always be as close as we were when we lived two streets apart in New York. And in the words of our favorite band: Thank you for the music. 

Here's her website where you can see what kind of work she does: 

And just for old times, here's something for you Freckles: 

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