Friday, October 18, 2013

I Left My Heart In Dresden

I even dyed my hair bright red to match Amanda Palmer's which I only learned later, takes forever to get out.
Let's take it down a notch. I've decided to steer my blog into some more personal stuff of late, limericks, funny stories, yada yada. But not to worry it won't get boring people. I've been very nostalgic for New York of late, well not even the bustling hub of Manhattan but for two beautiful and wonderful friends that I still keep in touch with even though one is in the jazzy illumination of New Orleans, and the other one literally on the other side of this sad little planet, China. We made quick girlfriends in our little dingy dorms known to its residents as the G-Dubs at the School of the Arts for the one year I was there before transferring to NYU. 
We all had similar tastes and were wildly creative and loved to hang out at watering holes discussing art like we were the new generation of beats or something. As long as the drinks were at a fair price we could stay all night, because we always had shit to talk about, and all the time in the world. Our school loved to throw hedonistic Halloween parties (hey it was a liberal arts college, what did you expect?) I mean one year they threw it at a club in Chelsea called, and I'm not making this up; 'Duvet' so basically it was a darkened room in some cellar and the only thing to sit on were beds. Combine that with about 200 drunk college students and you've got yourself a full fledged clusterfuck...literally. I believe at this point I was already at NYU and invited one of the girls and another friend to get ready with me and also, of course pre-game on cheap wine. Me and my friend decided to go as The Dresden Dolls; a band we both greatly admired and hey made for a great Halloween costume that was easy to put together yourself. I wanted to be Amanda Palmer solely for purpose of being able to shave my eye brows and fill them in with a Gothic pattern in a sharpie ( I was 22, stop judging), and she had no problem with being her lover and counterpoint, Brian Viglione because she had always wanted to dress up in drag. I had the most interesting friends I really did. None of this slutty nurse or butterfly bullcrap. Let's go balls to the wall with this mother. Little did we know that The Dresden Dolls was a very popular costume especially on the New York scene, but luckily that year we were the only ones that pulled it off. And very well I might say. 
We did pretty good no? And yes of course I had the striped panty-hose and baby doll shoes.
I also had an urge to be Palmer because I wanted to know what it was like to be such a beautiful bad-ass just for a few drunken hours, and we got a lot of praise at the party. So today I'm putting on a soundtrack of my favorite Dresden Dolls songs and thinking about my two good friends that made my first year in New York nothing short of magical.

Post Script: A year later, I went to see a play that my friend produced (also in Chelsea) based on the creative catalog of The Dresden Dolls and it was actually very interesting. Apparently their music is not only artistic weirdo's like me. 

I'll leave you with some fun videos. My favorite is the one where they battle Panic! At the Disco set to their song; 'Backstabber'. 

The song that started it all...

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