Sunday, September 9, 2012

Downton Abbey - The Last Dynasty

The official Season 3 trailer for Downton Abbey hit the youtubes last week and just like a good ambiguous highly anticipated trailer it's opening up a Pandora's Box of unanswered questions. But we're smart people (most of us) and can connect the dots given the little hints we've been handed. So in the teaser that hit about a month prior, there's like 3 cutaways of different characters saying 'all the money's gone' so we know that that is going to happen. Now lets talk about sex and relationships. 
Let's start with the big bombshell that surprised absolutely nobody. Ethel's a whore. For those who remember, Elsie appears in the first episode of Season 2 as a flirty, contentious, ambitious house maid who gets in some serious shit after she sleeps with a commanding officer in the British Army when Downton because a convalescent home for wounded soldiers during WWI. She gets fired, she gets preggers, he abandons her, and then he dies. She bring the baby over when his parents are visiting Downton and they give her an ultimatum; give up the baby and cut all ties to him or you and the baby are on your own. She chooses the latter and it's pretty clear what's going to happen to her next.
Also really quick, Lady Sybil is still having amazing sex and babies with Branston the Socialist radical even though everyone who is having the most dispassionate, boring sex in Downton loves to scoff at that.

Also apparently, the two engaged cousins that are the centrifugal cog in the whole Downton pleasure line; Mary Crawley and Cousin Matthew Crawley have been in a 'she loves me, she loves me not' back and forth until they both realize they are meant for each other, despite the fact that they are cousins.
But what stole my concentration was that the one dumpster fire 'middle child' plainy McNo-Face finally found herself a suitor! Good for her! Even though, he's the most boring person in boring people town.

Also! Someone kisses Thomas Barrow and (gasp!) it's a woman. I hope he has ample time to explain to her that not only is she not his type, but that he prefers a man quite above his station that he could lure in with his gift for words and his bright unwavering stare, and his evil cigarette time.
The whole thing is ripe for all kinds of discrepancies that I just cannot wait to bathe in, and I predict it will be the one most full of rapture, heartache, desperation, and eventual redemption. I think we all as watchers are going to be just fine. Just count down the hours slowly, and eventually we'll all be there
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