Sunday, May 20, 2012

Top 10: Filthiest Kristen Wiig Characters

Let's face it, whether you loved or hated her, or just thought she was frantically overexposed, Kristen Wiig was a tour-de-force in the 21st century of SNL. Not just as a woman, but as a character actress with no regard whatsoever for her own vanity. Her cannon of characters that she is leaving the show with as her legacy is vast and completely runs the gambit exploiting just how creative she was, and how sad it is that she's gone now, because we all knew it was going to happen, we just didn't know it would be quite the end of the era that it has dawned upon us that it is. 
Here's a list of her most inspired characters that in my opinion will always resonate, and will always be some kind of funny, and will always be very good ideas for Halloween costumes. We miss you already Kristy. 

10. Travel Correspondent Judy Grimes. The overly nervous stiff upper-lipped Judy Grimes with her inevitable 'just kidding' bits had all of our eyebrows raised as to just how Kristen was able to come up with monologues like this and not break into laughter or flub up the lines even once. Take notes Bill Hader. 
9. Bjork. It could be the most inspired Bjork impression we've ever seen if not the first one we've been exposed to.   With her princess Leia hair, and fluffy sweater, she had all of us saying 'greetings Snarf, how is your skeleton' to every passing stranger.

8. Lana Del Rey. After her no less than disastrous performance on the 'hollowed ground' that is the SNL musical guest stage, it was inevitable that Ms. Wiig would do a beyond fabulous and hilarious impersonation of the  nationally humiliated hipster icon.  I love it when Kristen can show off how pretty and skinny she is. 
7. Suze Orman. The famed lesbian with tips on how to save money on body cream by rolling yourself in Country Crock and then diving into your gravel pit was all Kristen's handy work, and as much as we think that this was born from her brilliant mind, Suze Orman is actually a real person, and Kristen plays her so well you wouldn't be able to tell which is which if the two were in the same  room. 
6. Mindy Grayson might be one of my absolute favorites. She's clearly an homage of sorts to Alice Ripley set in the 60's and reminds me so much of some of my mom's friends considering they are all in theater, and that's actually exactly how they talk. Her saying the secret word by accident and then excusing it by saying that she's an actress and it's her job, is never not funny. 
5. Gilly. Who doesn't love Gilly, even that first time you watched that sketch and you were like 'what is happening exactly?' after a while, you were doing Gilly impressions...Sorry. :)

4. I think this is my favorite character of SNL of the passed 10 years or so. Let me give  you the premise, it's a throw back to the Lawrence Welk Show which was a real thing back in the late 50's and was on variety syndication. There would always be a group of 'sisters' who would come out dressed identically and do ditties. Except in Kristen's case, her character Doonice (or is it Eunice) is slightly off. She has the forehead of 'a side of a cliff' and baby doll arms, and never ever says the right thing she is supposed to, but loves molesting whoever is the man leading the singing with her creepy arms. It's genius. 
3. Kris Jenner. In just one sketch, but one that was probably the best parody sketch of the whole season, Kristen Wiig got the pleasure (ahem) of playing famed stage-mom and all around uberbitch Kris Jenner, and she did it to a tee. It was so accurate, that even the butt of the joke said she was in tears over it. Tears of joy that is.

2. Nancy Pelosi. Tina Fey will always have her Sarah Palin, and Amy Pohler will always have her Hillary Clinton, but Kristen's Nancy Pelosi is just a notch above the rest because of it's filthy subtlety and the portraiture of this otherwise serene and stately woman as a dirty-minded enabler of sorts, with the funniest facial expressions that all work to perpetuate this myth. 
1. Kathy Lee. Even though the sketch has gone through at least three different actresses playing Hoda Kotb the butt of most Kathy Lee jokes, Kristen Wiig has proven just how powerful her staying power is by doing a spot-on impression of Kathy Lee on their usually wine-soaked program on the 4th hour of the Today show. And I really don't think that any of what she does in any of the sketches is that far fetched, as someone who watched the 4th hour of the Today show at times, I can tell you that this is a stone-cold documentary interpretation. 

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