Monday, April 9, 2012

Seductress Pick: Krysten Ritter

Don't Trust the B____ in Apartment 23 might be the most asinine title for a television show in the history of asinine titles of television shows, but I have to admit it has potential. I'm glad they gave the superbitch junkie that eventually chokes on her own vomit and ruins Jesse in the head forever from Breaking Bad her own show, because she's pretty badass. 
With her Bettie Page bangs, pouty lips, and penchant for tight black dresses, Krysten Ritter looks like a revamped smut version of Ingrid Bergman, and I mean that in the best way possible. She's kink on crack, and she's not a bad actress either. She speaks to the inner badass in all of us, that always wanted to order drinks and then not pay for them, wear mini-skirts with platform pumps and not be called a slut, and not have to purse our lips. We needed someone to fill that neo-goth ice princess pasty-skinned vixen void after Kristen Stewart started getting on our nerves with her not-so-adorable awkwardness which comes off as unbridled arrogance, and Krysten is doing it beautifully. 
She's just the right amount of rebellious without being irritatingly gimmicky, even though her name is spelled with an unnecessary 'y'. She has a unique look in a muted aesthetic world of baby-faced ingenues and buxom sexpots. I'm glad being an unapologetic cunt is becoming en vogue right now. We don't need many more field mice and frustrated housewives cluttering up our primetime line up. 
Season premieres April 11th. The Beeks will be on it. What more do you need?

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