Monday, April 30, 2012

Mad Men Frenches it Up. Oh Mon Dieu!

It's 7 episodes into the 5th season of Mad Men and holy dirty pubic hair, a lot of nasty shit has gone down on the show. But last night's episode took the cake for me. They don't make water hot enough for me to finally feel clean after showering in it. So basically, this was a Sally episode who after spending just one afternoon with Megan's pretentious euro-trash parents (Julia Ormond and Ronald Guttman) already speaks like Leisl Von Trapp ('Papaaa, may I try on my new dress?') and comes out looking like a girl Roman Polanski would loooove to photograph one warm night at Jack Nicholson's house...too far? It's this sparkly Nancy Sinatra get-up with go-go boots and a ton of make-up. Any father like Don would of course get nervous and run right out to buy a sawed-off shotgun, but he plays it cool, old-fashioned in hand and ciggy in mouth tells her to lose the boots and the whorey face paint. 
Daddy like? No Sally, Daddy no like. Daddy want kill himself.
Meanwhile, all of them have to deal with Megan's annoying parents, which is weird considering they are clearly French (I know because my BFF is French-Canadian and can tell the difference between the accents, so there!) and somehow Megan is French-Canadian, but whateves. As if we don't have enough racial stereotypes on the show, the most recently added is the middle-class Brooklyn-raised fast-talking nervous and neurotic Ginsberg who works as a junior copywriter at SCDP, and Layne with all of his unbridled bare-knuckle boxing Britishness, now they're going to lampoon the French by portraying them as sex intellectuals, or at times just intellectuals with an endless cannon of pretentious things to say.
'What a pleasure to meet you. You can tell I'm French by the slow and specific way in which I talk and how impeccably dressed I am, would you like a blow job in the empty lobby no one is using for some reason?
Let's cut to the chase. The episode culminates when Sally, still in hooker attire walks in on Roger 'her date for the night' because he was trying to be cute' receiving a pretty graphic BJ from Megan's mother. She's pretty disturbed, as are the rest of us. First of all, Julia doesn't look like she's simulating at all, and it was a couple camera angle's shy of being The Brown Bunny (2003). So basically what it's taught us is that no matter if you're cleaning the house in your black lacey underpants, or blowing some guy you literally met seconds earlier, if you're French, it's all good. The last scene is between Sally and world's biggest future pervert slash serial killer Glenn discuss they're budding discoveries of the sexual clusterfuck around them, him asking her 'so how's the city?' to which she replies 'dirty'. That about sums it up.
I hope that they give Peggy a scene like that because she's seeming a little sex-starved and uppity of late and I'm really starting to think it's this student-leftist 'I'm going to change the world as soon as i finish my degree in ornithology' (Charlie Hofheimer) asshole is spending too much tying arguing with her rather than making sure she get's properly effed. And you know who I think would be an ideal candidate of course is Ginsberg (Ben Feldman). Get on it Peggy.

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