Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Poor Little Not-Rich Girls

Sex is awful in your 20's...are you aware? This is one of the things that is awful in your twenties of the many that are explored in Lena Dunham's sarcastic new tragicomedy Girls which premiered on HBO on April 15th. It's a new show that starts off with a pretty familiar bang, there are so many of us who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars going to liberal art schools and remained in New York to do unpaid internships with the financial support of our parents while we chased some kind of dream, which one in particular we weren't sure of at the time.
But now it's time to grow up, and Hannah Hovarth's (Lena Dunham) parents have had enough. They want the lake house in Vermont damn it, so they tell her the words we all dread to hear but eventually do 'you are on your own'.
This show is brilliant in that there isn't a moment in which we aren't squirming because of how the worst moments of our twenties are being dragged out for a national audience bringing back so many painful memories, like that time we fucked that loser undergrad who only wanted to do you from behind with your clothes on and weren't sure if he even wore a condom.
Or that time you get so dissatisfied with the person who you currently rely on for daily orgasms that you would rather swim in a river of miserable fatty's who've never had one than take another from him.
Or that time you sucked up the remaining remnants of your teetering pride and begged like a dog in the street 'don't cut me off! I have dreams!' and no one listened.

as someone who's had her fair share of awkward sex with social retards whom you wouldn't walk down the street to piss on if they were on fire the next day, I found this scene particularly devastating in its accuracy.

Now you're on your own bitch, and here's the thing.
1. Find a real job
2. Find a grown up boyfriend who can last longer than 4 minutes
3. Buy a vibrator
4. Stop listening to MGMT
5. If you're frustrated about writing, write about how frustrated you are with writing.
and 6. NEVER drink opium tea.

I think that about covers it. I look forward to more life lessons along the way as we learn more about Hannah Hovarth and her motley crew of 20-something comrades.

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