Sunday, October 9, 2011

Seductress Pick: Rob Lowe

No I don't have things mixed up, I feel I really have to talk about Rob Lowe and his quest to find his inner goddess. He is hands down one of the most beautiful things ever put on this earth to torture us regular folk, and retains a level of...i don't know how else to put this...softness. He has a relentless androgynous   appeal, which keeps him somewhat effeminate but in a good way. It doesn't make him any less of a man, in fact, i believe it makes him even more appealing, if that's even possible, and now breaching his late-mid-40's, he's getting even better.
In terms of filthy behavior, this guy has a gold medal. He's made a sex tape with himself and two drunk chicks, been accused of sexually harassing a nanny that works with his kids, and had simulated sex with Demi Moore in an old-timey bathtub. But in the midst of behaving like a world class cad, he's single handedly giving us more reasons to watch television more than the writers of Saturday Night Live. From The West Wing, to Brothers & Sisters, to now Parks and Recreation, Mr. Lowe is just as riveting as he was 20 years ago with feathered hair and lip gloss in St. Elmo's Fire.
From the tabloids, we can discern that he is a horny dirty man, but he's the prettiest piece of tail this side of John Hughes' movies. He's never grown a filth beard nor gained any chub weight that went straight to his tits, he's remained a consummate master of cinematic eye-candy, with loathsomely perfect features and a devastating bod. Any woman who comes into the misfortune of acting opposite Rob Lowe knows that he's going to be the lovelier of the two. That's what makes a seductress. Garbo, Dietrich, Monroe, and now...Lowe. His skin is soft, his eyes, sparkling with longing, his lips, pouty and doughy, those kind of lips you just want to gently nibble on because they look like they taste like candy, and his general demeanor connotes something that you just want to hug nakedly until the end of time. God gave us a gift everyone just enjoy it. 

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