Monday, October 3, 2011


So the music-doc regarding the two lovers of the film Once (2007) musicians Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová is coming soon, the trailer was released a few days ago. As if the first film wasn't pretentious swill, this one will be in black and white y'all, so be sure to take it seriously. In terms of love stories, theirs, though at times was interesting but for the most part dull. How big of a turn on it is when two people sit around talking about their feelings right? hot. Their Oscar-winning song 'Falling Slowly' co-written by both of them for the soundtrack should have been called 'Falling Slowly...Asleep From Boredom'. 
'Lets stare longingly and profoundly into the distance, and let's put that in every scene.'
Not that marginally attractive people, whiney guitar solos, and extended longing stares aren't the end all be all in romance, but if this is what defines that genre in our time, then that's just sad. 
Not to be a sadist or anything but I always find people breaking up much more fascinating than the two of them falling in love. So hopefully The Swell Season will be Glen and Markéta's saving grace. 
In a culture riddled with excessive and obnoxious PDA, it was kind of a relief to see two people express their feelings through song, I just found it tiresome after a while and wished the two of them would put their microphones down and make out or something. Now that they're broken up, and Markéta is married to someone else her own age (instead of Glen who was excuse me, 17 years older than her) perhaps things will get a bit more interesting. Because when they were together, it wasn't at all. I'm not saying they need to rip each other's clothes off and knock down all of their furniture, throw a couple pillows, and then the dog rolls his eyes...but a little passion would be nice. Maybe it's just me but I did not get that from Once when I watched it. Watch any musical/romance from the 50's, seriously any one. All of them retain a level of sensuality, vitality, and intensity between the main characters that makes you believe they are immersed in an intense love story.
If Glen and Markéta relationship was an episode Behind the Music, this new film would be the top of Act 3...Just when they played in every trendy hipster coffee shop in the world and mastered the art of extended yearning stares, it all came crashing down....tonight on a very special episode. 

Trailer for The Swell Season below: 

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