Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Louis CK - Filth Poet

Louis CK is a Filth profet. He's the Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart of Filth. His jokes are so deliciously and profoundly filthy that it boggles the mind as to how I've not written about him sooner. My favorite stand-up comedian for going on 3 years now, with a show about his newly single life which premiered last year on FX (Louie), Louis CK is completely unhinged, cynical, and just fucking dirty! 
His attitudes towards the opposite sex, romance, fucking, and other depressing aspects of life give new meaning to the term 'dirty jokes'. The thing is, his jokes are so organic and sincere that the humor just flows inadvertently out of them because of the visceral imagery he paints with an unmistakable filthy candidacy. And even though on his show he's obviously censored for television and has to take it easy on his choice of words, and yet he still manages to cram plenty of filth into everyday situations and I can do nothing but commend him for it and bow at the alter that is Louis CK. 
Here is a clip from his stand-up that illustrates the brilliance of his filth. While you're at it, Netflix is streaming one of his stand up acts Chewed Up and the first season of Louie. Bravo sir. Bravo. 

Saddest Hand-Job In America

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