Sunday, April 24, 2011

Meet the Cast of Showtime's Gigolos.

Let's get this straight. I'm not here to judge. Some of these high-priced male escorts run the gambit between the charmingly handsome to the ridiculously sleazy. But whatever else they may be, they are very interesting and always entertaining. Showtime's new show about the cream of the crop gigolos that are part of the Cowboys 4 Angels escort service in Las Vegas is all kinds of things: gross, hilarious, filthy, delicious, graphic, kinky, depraved, awesome, and completely original. This isn't your momma's prostitution retrospective with Diane Sawyer empathetically interviewing street walkers and following them on their daily rounds in the gloomy industrial streets of small town USA. This is Vegas baby, complete with bling, limo's, lip gloss, tanning beds, and everything else it takes to make a bonafied 1000$ per hour gigolo. It's been three episodes into the series, with the latest premiering on April 22nd, 2011, and already we've seen cock cages, 4-ways, teacher clients, lots of unmentionable tattoos. Not to mention that the clientele is just as interesting and curious as the gigolos themselves .Now meet the 5 ladykillers that make up the show. 

Nick Hawk

27, 6'1 with hazel eyes, this guy though pretty is probably the densest in the bunch. And can't help exhibiting early signs of ultimate douche-baggery. His short time goals include breaking a sweat six days a week.very ambitious.

Jimmy Dior
My personal favorite. Also 27, and no nothing has been photoshopped here, he is actually this gorgeous. Usually I don't go for the pretty boy type, but he's also sweet and a hell of a professional. I want.

Vin Armani
I really don't get what it is with these guys and picking last names after designers that just don't fit their first names, but I guess creativity is not their strong suite. He's the newest addition to the Cowboys4Angels family, and the tallest at 6'4. By the second episode he had full-on earned his keep. So to speak. 

Steven Gannt
This one is another fave. A gentle soul who is whoring to support his 5 year old son. Sounds cliche I know. But he's a sweetheart. He's cried already twice on the show. And for me that's somehow endearing.

Brace (No Last Name)
Ugh. I don't even know really what to say here. Easily past 45, this bleach blonde, fake tanned, ed hardy wearing man-child is an example of everything not to order when picking up the phone and dialing Cowboys4Angels, unless you want to be covered in spray tan residue. He's currently working on an anti-aging supplement line so he can mercifully retire from the business. Well good luck with that.

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