Sunday, April 17, 2011

Evan Rachel Wood: Working Her Way Up the Cult Ladder.

Because I just blogged regarding beautiful Evan Rachel Wood, and have had a few glasses of wine deciding to watch Marilyn Manson videos from the mid-90's, I thought why not blog about it.
We all remember 'Thirteen', the brilliantly directed film by Catherine Hardwicke, who went on to make the first and only acceptable version of Twilight. After this, ERW starred in the absolutely fucked in all ways rendition of the worst Beatles songs known as Across The Universe. She played a down and out beatnik searching for the meaning of life (how original) and eventually transformed into a quasi flower child born from the mind of increasingly random Julie Taymor, whilst making the worst possible covers of classic Beatles' fair and awkwardly french kissing Jim Sturgess like its two middle school students trying it for the first time.
She started out very bohemian looking with long hair and innocent eyes, until her beau Marilyn Manson started transforming her into a younger thinner version of his ex-wife, burlesque performer Dita Von Teese, and in my opinion, it's just not working. The camp style, gaudy make-up and cabaret background only works on seasoned veterans like Dita, not high-school drop out bohemian Marie Claire fodder that is ERW. But to give her some credit, she is working on it. If you look at pictures of her currently, you would not be able to tell its the same person from Across the Universe but in all fairness, all actors involved in it should disassociate themselves from that travesty. Only time and wonder bra's will tell if ERW can truly be reformed from mediocre hippie-ish teen queen to bonafied camp princess complete with oxygen-constricting corsets, and silk eye-lashes, but I'm rooting for ya boo. 
I'm not sure if this is a good or bad influence on her progression but she currently keeps a relentlessly on-again, off-again relationship with cult icon Marilyn Manson, who aside from not being at all relevant anymore, is working on his career a movie star. Whateves.  Who cares...
But he should consider himself lucky because he gets to go home every night and bed a young, beautiful, and seemingly fiesty 23 year old in his probably lavish and pimped out boudoir .
Though it does seem like he's pulling a Donald Trump here, where his wife just gets a tad past her expiration date, and he gets a new one, and immediately begins to transform her into a younger, perkier image of his old wife. In my opinion, without her soon to be hubby full-on Svengaling her (he IS 20 years older, so i'm sure there's an oedipal influence in that relationship somewhere), she could come up with a pretty rad sexual identity; something that is not tiredly 'brave' nudie shots in Mildred Pierce, to the awkwardly simulated sex scenes between her and Manson in his video for Heart-Shaped Glasses when they are both covered in blood, reaching some kind of feral orgasm...nuff said. Poor girl needs a proper mentor. Someone like Tim Gunn, Simon Doonan, or the ghost of Tennessee Williams would do wonders, but I see lots of potential, if she didn't currently annoy me as much.

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