Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Way To Find Love Staying Home on Saturday Night.

Have you noticed something new about SNL? No, it's not the writing, or the jokes, but SNL has become one giant bastion of masturbation fodder. With a new featured cast beginning in September of last year, SNL has turned over a new leaf, and killed the sterotype that funny people can't be hot. (Ok i'm not sure if that's real or not, but think of arrested development and every time Ann Paul Veal is referenced and people say 'her?' followed by 'what is she funny or something?') Yes, I get all of my life lessons from Arrested Development. This is not to say that SNL is slumming it in the comedy arena, it's not bad, and the new talent has been able to consistently bring it every week and hold their own next to our favorite seasoned greats. These days, I'd rather stay home and drool over the cast than tipsy-flirt with three dimensional randoms at the pub. And here's a collection of those choice comedians who bring the fun, and the sex appeal. 

Andy Samberg
One third of the Lonely Island, the creative genius behind 'Dick in a Box', and one fine lookin' Jew, Samberg is not only hilarious in that charming frat kind of way, but also a great piece of man meat. (circumcised I bet)
Bill Hader
Since he joined the cast in 2005, he has completely transformed sketch comedy in SNL. From Vincent Price to Stefon the city correspondent, to Vinnie Vedecci, his comedic style is uncanny, and he's quite the intellectual hottie. 
Abby Elliot
The offspring of established comedian Chris Elliot, this newby though coming into the cast in 2008, still seems to be still finding her footing. She's the baby amongst the cast at 23, and her wholesome and sweet qualities are very pleasing to the eye.
Vanessa Bayer
This Chicago import is just amazing. She's a featured player starting her SNL  trajectory in September of last year, she's caught the eye many times, especially with her spot on Miley Cyrus impression. Hope to see much more of her fine self as the season progresses. 
Paul Brittain
Knock knock, who's there? It's the lost child of Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor, complete with a gorgeous pair of light blue eyes. Go ahead disagree with me that he doesn't look like either of them, but how much does he look like what the combination of the two of them would be? so much! Anyway, this newcomer is already on a roll with his impressions of James Franco and Johnny Depp. Smart and androgynously beautiful, it's a perfect combination. 
Nasim Pedrad
Forget Kristen Wiig, this Iranian comedienne has characters coming out of her ears. Even when she's playing a little boy opposite Bryan Cranston in that one hilarious sketch, she's still a looker. Petite,  exotic looking and funny as hell, I'm sure that Pedrad will go on to be that leader of this gang before too long. 
Taran Killam
Forget the weird name, this 20-something hottie is making his mark on SNL. In the French  dance-off sketch with Emma Stone, he wore a striped shirt with torn off sleeves, and we got a good look at his guns of steel. He's got a boyish charm, and his Brad Pitt impression is just the icing on the cake. 
Seth Meyers
Lets cap things off with the man who's been on SNL the longest, and now serves as their head writer/weekend update anchor. Blonde, blue-eyed, and sarcastic, his take on the news has been the best since Norm McDonald stepped down, and he's definitely been the sexiest suit and tie man covering Weekend Update since Chevy Chase, now that's saying something. 


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