Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Tribute to Pretty Scots (Inspired by Braveheart)

Mel Gibson does nothing for me, and yes, he's not even a Scot, but even when prancing around in a skirt with the NFL make-up on his face, with his hair quaffed like a lion's main, I still didn't buy it. But there were some others in there that I took notice of and are going in a new fantasy file that i'm labeling: 'Scots', never thought i'd go there, but apparently I have, so here's a list I've compiled of other famous scots that are a good peice of man meat eye-candy, or reputable serious actors whatever...
Just to be clear, I am not objectifying men, ok so I am...thought i'd make a small tribute to the country I now live in. Cheers. 

Henry Ian Cusick 

Desmond from Lost, and a fine mix of Scottish and Peruvian heritage, and a gorgeous head of wavy hair. Hopefully I'll see YOU in another life brother. Oh god that was so corny.

Tommy Flanagan
My current obsession, first seen by me in 'Gladiator' as Russell Crow's faithful servant Cicero. Flanagan currently resides on Sons of Anarchy street, and after the initial burning loins for Charlie Hunnam I have now turned my undivided tv attention to his fine self.

Ewan McGregor
Well, you had to see this one coming, aside from Sean Connery, there is only one other person most people think of when people use the phrase 'hot scottish actor'...what people you ask? well, aside from me, i'm not sure. If for no other reason he's up here because he's done full frontal in more than 3 films. look it up, it's a fact.

Gerard Butler
Well, yeah. unlike most of you freaks that are all about '300', I fell in love with him after watching 'Law Abiding Citizen' yeah! how about them apples! I'm so much cooler. And yes, there was a time that I netflixed everything that came up in his filmography. And yes, most of them were gawd-awful. And yes, that's a word.

Agnus MacFadyen
Numero dos from the Braveheart clan that makes it to this list, to be fair, most of those actors were actually not Scottish, i think tommy and agnus are the only two. He also makes a pretty good Orson Welles. 'Cradle Will Rock', see it, actually don't, it's horrible.

Kevin McKidd
God I love him, and I don't even watch 'Grey's Anatomy', but if you think really hard, you'll find a vague memory of him as Tommy from 'Trainspotting', and if you're awesome, you'll also remember him from 'Topsy-Turvy'. In this picture he kind of resembles Gordon Ramsay, but younger and less annoying.

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