Friday, December 17, 2010

Top 10: Sexiest TV Programs Currently on the Air (In Order)

1. Hung
This is a brilliant concept with an amazing cast about a frustrated and poor high school coach who decides to become a male prostitute, and who better to play that part than Tom Jane (insert Arrested Development reference here). Sex comedy hasn't been this clever since Ernst Lubitch. And one of my favorite quotes of television history is now 'what can't they fuck me for me?'. 
2. Mad Men
This show will go down in history as perhaps the steamiest and most sensual program on television, ever. And Christina Hendricks accounts for just like 45% of that whole market. 

3. True Blood
This show is swimming in the sex dough and ranked up its fair share of controversy for being just so unapologetically racy.  If finally did combine two of the things we love the most, vampires and bare asses.

4. Boardwalk Empire
If you haven't tuned into this gem yet, you're seriously missing out. It is a no holds barred attitude towards sex or at least how sex was in the 20's approach to television, and its verite style is appreciated.
5. Sons of Anarchy
For the ladies, this definitely feeds into that whole bad boy fetish we all secretly relish in. The two opposing sides of this coin are Rob Perlman (perhaps the funniest looking man we have ever produced as a society) and then Charlie Hunnam, perhaps the hottest blondie that can pull off a flesh colored beard. There's a lot of drinking, motorcycles, and tattoos. It's simply brilliant. 
6. Gossip Girl
This show was no holds barred from the get go. Chuck Bass seemed to have a problem with keeping it in his pants, and Serena's clothes just kept getting more low cut and shorter. It's a show that's always going to be on a list like this from beginning to end.

7. Big Love
What's sexier than polygamists? well a lot...but these aren't your polygamist wives from that compound with the weird braids and the long dresses. Bill Paxton takes on some of the hottest ladies in Hollywood, and their sexual exploits are interesting to say the least.

8. Californication
The name says it all really, and good think Duchovny can stretch as an actor and play a sex-addict. It's steamy, but also hilarious. And that's the perfect combination.
9. Hawaii Five-0
Though this is a sorry adaptation of what was originally a sorry show, it's nice to have Scott Caan and Daniel Day Kim on the same team...investigating girls usually clad in little more than a bikini. 
10. The Closer
Keira Sedgwick is one Mulveyian wet dream. She can run the whole show completely on her own and still have our interest. In terms of premise, it's only so-so, and there's definitely not enough nudity as I would like, but she won me over pretty early on. 


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If you were a TV show, you'd be #1 :)

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