Friday, November 12, 2010

A Salute to Man Bulge

The West Side Story Man Bulge. The Sharks!
The Excessively Stupid John Travolta Man Bulge (Battlefield Earth, 1998)
The Dean Cain Superman Super Man Bulge

The Paul Newman Too-Good-To-Be-True Man Bulge (Hud, 1962)

Triple Action Sailor Man Bulge (On The Town, 1952)
One of the Many Errol Flynn Man Bulges. Man Bulge! (Robin Hood,  1938)

The Cowboy Man Bulge (Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen in The Magnificent Seven, 1960)

The Leslie Howard Romeo Man Bulge
The Vincent D'Onofrio Man Bulge (Try not to barf)
The Terry O'Quinn Man Bulge, comes with man breasts. 
The Cary Grant/Randolph Scott Man Bulge (So totally not gay)
The Gene Kelly Jumping Man Bulge

1 comment:

jeanmacgreen said...

Sorry you feel that
Vincent D'Onofrio in
'Full Metal Jacket' was to put it mildly 'unattractive'. I'd give that gorgeous hunk of Italian man anything he wanted! You obvoiusly have never visited any of his fan sites!