Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Top 10: Hotpants Directors.

This is in response to the list made by Self-Styled Siren:

10. Francois Truffaut
French, sensitive, and poetic. The end. 

9. Tom Ford 
I know he's new to the game, but we're all glad he decided to become a director, may we see more of his fine self behind the camera. 

8. Ida Lupino 
Picture Ava Gardener with talent and intelligence. Was that too harsh? Sorry Ava. But Mrs. Lupino was not only beautiful, but creative enough to make the transition from Hollywood starlet to serious director...didn't happen that much in the 1950's. 

7. Carol Reed 
The picture of sophistication and class, and extremely British. Carol Reed could give Cary Grant tips on how to act like a gentleman. 

6. Elia Kazan
This is the one that people will probably disagree with the most, but there is something about this man, whether it was charisma, attitude, or just plain old genius, Kazan was sexy enough to get quite a few ladies, among them Marilyn Monroe herself. Over approximately 200 blonde young ingenues can't be wrong. 

5. Milos Forman
I'm a sucker for thick accents, what can I say? Also, he ups the coolness factor by being one of the very few people to actually return to Communist Czechoslovakia to work on a film after secretly escaping it. 

4. Jim Jarmusch
He's like the Johnny Depp of filmmakers; very moody, private, with the bad-boy charm. This iconoclast has been making films for over two decades, always on his own terms. And with a haircut that is a cross between James Dean and 'Eraserhead', he reminds us all that originality is still very, very sexy. 

3. Warren Beatty 
What would this list be without Warren Beatty? If there is any list regarding beauty, he should be on it. From the time we first saw him in Technicolor seducing Vivien Leigh in 'The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone' to his current role as Mr. Annette Bening, he just seems to just get better with age. 

2. Maya Deren 
She was perhaps the most intriguing woman in film. With her buxom form, wild hair, and piercing eyes, Maya attracted people on a spiritual level, and pulled them into a trance like state as she danced amidst black curtains and swayed in the wind. She was the embodiment of sensuality. They just don't make women like that anymore. 

1. Orson Welles 
A salute to perhaps the sexiest voice in film history. And though it didn't take long after 'Citizen Kane' for him to turn into Jabba the Hut, he had his handsome moments. It wasn't so much his features, but his insane power and energy that made all of us swoon. He was had an incredibly commanding presence. In my opinion, his sexiest role is opposite his wife at the time (Rita Hayworth) in 'The Lady From Shanghai'. He's definitely one of those that might have snuck into your sexual fantasy, even though you wouldn't admit it. And he either romanced you or beat you up. Either way, you know you loved it. 

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