Monday, February 24, 2014

'Southern Charm' Translates Into Day Drinking and General Philandering

The cast of Southern Charm, the only way you can tell this doesn't take place in Beverly Hills is that they are in a southern style mansion (or set) and the men are wearing three piece suits.
Bravo has definitely bled the Los Angeles area dry with all of their reality garbage from the OG Real Housewives of the OC to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, to Vanderpump Rules, to Shahs of Sunset know fuck it. But then they remembered that one of the most popular series of their Real Housewives franchise was the one in Atlanta bitches. So they decided to take that private jet with Andy Cohen's face on the sie of it back to the south and this time plant it in one of the oldest city in our sad little country; Charleston. A city I was only aware of after watching Gone With the Wind (1939). 
A Southern Gentleman...why? Because he's sitting on a yacht. 
In actuality, Charleston is steeped in an amazing history. They've kind of been in hibernation since they were founded back in the day (1600's) and live by those same principals (slavery and blatant racism aside). The Southern gentleman for the men, the Southern Belle for the ladies, the coming out parties, the mint juleps, sounds quite awesome honestly. Also, it's a beautiful place, you know from pictures I've seen. 
So this show is about rich people in Charleston, just like every other reality show on Bravo is about rich people, mostly in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, but this time it's pretty cool. It's like the new money of Beverly Hills meets the old standards and mannerisms of England that the settlers brought with them to the good ol' south. 

A real Southern gentleman. The British, Leslie Howard
I just remember it being hilarious and wonderfully ironic that in Gone with the Wind (1939) that takes place largely in and outside of Charleston, the iconic 'Southern Gentleman' character is played by the English actor Leslie Howard, because lets face it, there's really nothing gentlemanly about the Southern Gentleman for like forever now. They all have what one girl on the show described as perpetual Peter Pan Syndrome, and that's what we all look for in a man isn't it ladies? It's 10am and their pouring themselves a stiff whiskey with a twist while they adjust their tie for the polo match where they'll eventually drunkenly hit on your best friend right in front of you. As it's so eloquently put in the trailer; 'here in Charleston, they'll say 'bless your heart' and turn around and stab you in the back'. So now we get to look forward to old money making jackasses out of themselves, rather than new money doing that which is just so much more fun isn't it? And aside from the geography, that's basically the only difference between this show and everything else in the Bravo shit cannon. So happy watching! 

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