Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Re-Name All the Oscar Nominated Films And Set it to Their Trailers

Jared Leto and Matthew MacConaughey from Dallas Buyer's Club (2013)
-- 'Explosion at the Wig Factory' Yes...I stole that from Tina and Amy, thanks girls.

-- 'Skinny Actors with Southern Accents'

-- 'Literally Anything I Rename This Movie Could be Misconstrued as Racist'

-- 'Pretty People Get Ugly to Win Oscars'

-- 'Joaquin Talks to Himself for Two Hours'

-- 'Indictment of Catholicism'

-- 'Somali Pirates Are Hot'

-- 'I Stopped Counting the F-Bombs'

-- 'Woody Allen Presents: A Streetcar Named Desire'

-- 'Bruce Dern is Still Alive, You Guys!'

-- 'In Space...Plot is Impossible'

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