Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sinéad to Miley: Stop Being a Video Ho

Climb off that wrecking ball and clean yourself up at once young lady.
Miley's latest video for her new single 'Wrecking Ball' has people in more public outrage than when she appeared semi-nude showing her whole back (what a whore) in Vanity Fair at 16. This video is pretty racy folks, I was kind of disgusted myself. Not from the fact that it has no artistic merit and hits the wrecking ball over the head too much with it's metaphors, or that Miley is swinging naked from a wrecking ball, like any of us need to see that shit. No, it's that her and her director the renowned photographer Terry Richardson, known for taking incendiary and often nude photographs of salacious superstars, dared to claim that the video was based on Sinéad O'Connor's seminal and still unforgettable minimalist music video for 'Nothing Compares 2 U'. Yes, she was the first one to use numbers and letters instead of actual words, deal with it.
In essence, Miley is likening herself to Sinéad which is simply ridiculous. First of all, Sinéad actually wrote all of her music, second of all, if we're talking about stirring up contraversy, Sinéad has this one in the bag. Tweking on Robin Thicke, yeah it's disgusting. But have you torn up a picture of the pope on live television? I don't think so. And I'm sorry as shocking as Sinéad's behavior was in the early 90's, she still maintained her dignity. She didn't simulate fellatio to a mallet, which is I'm sorry so unsanitary, especially if in the prior scene you were using said mallet to break cinder's a weird video. 
Terry Richardson with Miley Cyrus. A match made in contrived controversy to get back at one's ex-boyfriend.
I get it Miley, you broke up with your boyfriend whom you were engaged to for a hot minute, and you're only 20 fucking years old. I'm sure that's how old most people are when they tie the knot in the bible belt, but you'll get over it. And as Sinéad is saying, careful what you wish for because basically girl, you're being pimped by your producers and your record company. You no longer have the protective shield of Disney that would cover your ass even if you ran over a person while high on meth with two liters of vodka in your system. Now you're on your own, and no one, believe me no one, wants to see your naked ass swinging back and forth on anything, even Britney or Christina during her X-tina phase didn't stoop so low, at least give some kind of context if you're going full tilt boogie. I remember Christina's video for 'Dirrty' which was like a pop-culture fatwa against bubble-gum pop, where she donned ass-less chaps and simulated a bare-knuckle boxing match with some other chick grinding on everything that moved, but that was par-for-the-course of the content of the song. 
Perhaps the only similarity between Miley and Sinéad O'Connor is their lack of hair.
This song is about heartbreak, depression, and loss, which is what 'Nothing Compares 2 U' is essentially about, but they didn't need any gimicks to make it one of the most memorable videos of all time, they just needed Sinéad to belt it as emotionally as possible, which is what she did. And then she gave the finger to the music industry and became some kind of weird priest in a break-off Catholic sect, whatever doesn't matter. But, seriously Miley we get that you're all grown up, but it's becoming a little to gratuitous. Yes, you're easier on the eyes than Lena Dunham but we really don't need to see you naked all the time, just because Terry Richardson says it's ok. Here is Sinéad's open letter to Miley: Sinéad O'Connor's open letter to Miley Cyrus

The two videos below: 

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