Friday, October 5, 2012

Jersey Shore Has Done The Unthinkable - It Got Boring!

Tracking the new tattoos on the male cast members is not as interesting as I thought it would be.
What is the point of this season (premiered on October 4th, 2012) exactly? Snooki is pregnant, Situation is sober, and Vinny is celibate? Am I watching a Monks of 18th Century Europe? I mean what the fuck is going on? No more smushing? No more falling down in bars, no more accidental/totally on purpose flashing of vagina everywhere? That was the very essense of everything beautiful of Jersey Shore and now it's all gone! Congrats MTV, now nothing happens on your damn show that no one liked to begin with. In the words of Joel McHale 'Apologize bitches!'
Dina cries every two seconds about her boyfriend who is right in front of her face, and Pauly D doesn't use any obnoxious catchphrases anymore, and JWoww has turned into set dressing. Who am I missing...oh yes. Ron and Sam eat often and a great deal. This is clearly the recipe for success.
Sober preggers women do not belong at the Jersey Shore. Snooki should have prioritized better.
I know it's the final season but it should accelerate not slow down. We all know Snooki's baby is not going to come out normal anyway, let her have a Long Island Iced Tea for fucks sake...AND a cigarette. You know she's craving them. It's not like feeding the fetus pickle juice as a food group is exactly healthy for he/she/it. Honestly if someone doesn't smush a juicehead gorilla or a grenade soon I might just give up on the whole franchise and write awful things about it for the rest of time. So for my sake, and the sake of my writing/sanity, please make this last season worth something. Yes, Situation is finding how wonderful life can be sober, but this is not an episode of Intervention, and I need him to spread herpes before I fall sleep at least once an episode like old times! Even Ron and Sam are not doing what usually makes them remotely interesting which is fighting like insane pigeons cooing over the last crumb of old coffee cake in Union Square, they are getting along, and I can't stand it. There is no conflict on this show anymore, no alcohol, no bitch-slapping, and no crying, and no peeing in bars.
Go out with a bang rather than fade away into nothingness, Jersey Shore. You had the potential to be television greatness. But none of us want to be the 6th season of Lost, and being compared to that is basically the kiss of death. Your 15 minutes are almost over! Make them count!

Below the hilarious promo for Season 6 which gave me false hopes. 

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