Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Hopes and Expectations for Prometheus

What is a Ridley Scott sci-fi flick without a skinny hot chick in her underpants running around all sweaty and frantic?
In a few short hours, I am going to have the IMAX 3-D experience of my life! Take that Avatar, Titanic, and James Cameron in general. I'm off to see Prometheus this Saturday, the Alien prequel that Ridley Scott had in his head for 35 years and finally decided to direct after Noomi Rapace became available. And we all have unanswered questions. 

1. What is the meaning of life?
2. Did Aliens actually plant our DNA here?
3. Who is going to be eventually running around in those tiny tight white undies a la Ripley crying and screaming for half of the film? (I'm being cheeky we all know that's already in the film, and we know who it will be too)

Everyone has beyond extreme expectations for this film and not without good reason, the trailer is just ambiguous and frightening enough to stir up all kinds of repository hypothesizing and wishful thinking. And considering the cast is how do I put this maturely...hotter than shit on fire, we're also all wondering who will be hooking up with who on the spaceship Prometheus until the mutated aliens eat their flesh and blow up their ship...I'm guessing.

Here's what I am predicting/hoping occurs on this magical beautiful day when I'm sequestered in a freezing theater surrounded by overly excited teenagers and sci-fi geeks.

-Idris Ilba's character and Charlize Theron's character get it on. 
-Guy Pearce's character and Charlize Theron's character get it on. 
-Everyone hits on Michael Fassbender's character because they don't realize he's a robot. 
-Noomi Rapace's character is forced to be in a state of undress covered in weird alien goop for a lot of the time. 
-There's some kind of sex in a pod.
-Oh and we have our minds properly blown by an appropriate overload of awesome all in spectacular 3-D. That too, is important. 

But we can't deny that if not sex, the implication of which is important to the most profoundly philosophical and existentially themes science fiction themes, even if only explored through the birth death ashes-to-ashes zygote to corpse themes as it usually is. But Ridley is a gentleman that loves to make gross allusions to the vagina by filling the mise-en-scene with grotesque slimey creatures that more often than not resemble a lady's nether-regions. Let's hope this film abstains from such metaphors and keeps the sex nice and normal. But with Ridley Scott, you never know. And that's part of the intrigue. 

Awesomely bleak and cryptic trailer.

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