Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Krysten Ritter as Chloe: A New Kind of Role Model

Left to right: The Beeks, Chloe the role model, and June the roommate.
Girls in they're early 20's, put down your college textbook on the influence of 17th Century French poetry on the contemporary female psyche and listen to me! There's a new kind of role model in town, her name is Chloe and she lives in some really fabulous building in the esteemed West Village in New York City, parties all the time, has no regrets about anything, and has never worn underwear. How does she afford such a fabulous lifestyle? It wasn't cramming for finals in the crowded Starbucks on a Saturday night, she's a con artists, and she's a thief, and she's a liar, and everyone is obsessed with her. Including me.
It definitely requires some suspension of disbelief considering Chloe almost nightly goes out and drinks until she blacks out on the sofa in her spacious living room (unheard of if you've ever lived in The Village), and never seems to have a hang over, guilt, or a walk of shame. She's constantly fabulous. Which leads me to believe that she's some kind of renegade fembot from the future who's dropping hints for all of us Hannah Horvath types to drop the books, the whining, and the awkwardness and just go balls to the wall insane. Then perhaps one day we'll have that West Village apartment, beautiful silk gowns, flawless complexions, and James Van Der Beek for a best friend. Thanks, Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23 for making it all so clear all of a sudden.
Even the protagonist, mouse-girl June Colburn (Dreama Walker) is questioning her intentions of going back to Law School and finding a job a serious pencil pushing, ball grabbing Lawyer's assistant on Wall Street and trading that in for the good life of endless Vodka launch parties, shopping sprees and casual sex with hotties who come into the coffee shop at which she currently slaves away as a Barista. 
Of course, this means you must have a pair of cast-iron kidneys, and absolutely no sleeping patters to interfere with pesky things like a 'job' and 'responsibilities', we can have those when we're 30, for now let's just all embrace our 20's or what's left of them, for what they are, says Chloe.
Of course a big plot hole is how exactly she makes a living from being a con artist (i.e. what is her con game) but it seems to me that all she really does is drown people in their obsession over her fabulousness, and makes them give her all of their time, energy, money, and alcohol. Seems to work out pretty well for her. Maybe we should all start taking notes. 

Promo below (different one) explains it all.

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