Thursday, December 15, 2011

Daniel Tosh Puts the Nasty Back Into Funny

Daniel Tosh is one of those comedians that is completely unexpected and very much rogue. He's certainly not family friendly and a lot of the time you find yourself oh-laughing more than just clean laughing, but that's perfectly fine because his knack for sarcasm, self-deprecation, and sardonic cynicism is pitch perfect.
He's also got another thing going for him that most contemporary comics don't: he's relatively young and good looking. He's incredibly brash and rather crass but we take that considering how funny his borderline offensive jokes are. As he likes to say 'all's fair'. After his Comedy Central special titled Completely Serious (2007) that was bleeped more than one of GOB's monologues from Arrested Development, there was a new voice of crude humor in town.
Comedy Central quickly jumped on this and gave him his own show, Tosh.0 (2009- )which currently ranks as the top cable show for adults. Formatted like The E! Network's The Soup, Tosh stands in front of a green screen showing ridiculous internet clips and either cracking jokes about them or parodying them. You might not think that this has too much merit, and you're right, but since when did we care about merit in our television programming? Well, I guess since Mad Men premiered, but we all need a bit of trash TV and sex jokes every once in a while, and Daniel Tosh fills that void effortlessly.
Whether comparing Posh Spice to his testicles, hypothesizing of what porn would be like in an I-MAX 3-D theater, or commiserating sarcastically about his 'huge cock', Tosh proves that vulgar humor is not without value. We need filthy humor people get over it. Of course you can have your Gaffigan and the three other 'clean' comics out there right now, but that doesn't mean that filth is funny across the board. Tosh brings a refreshing delivery and clever snark into his act so that even though you're somewhat disgusted, you're still laughing, and you hate yourself for doing it...which eventually he'll point out.

Excerpt from Tosh.0

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