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Top 20 Hotties of 'Lost'.

You knew this was coming, I just couldn't resist putting this debate into some kind of order. Sure we watch Lost for the plot twists, the action, and the generally unexplainable, but we all have a list of who we think is the best looking on that show. Admit it, it's in your documents folder. Here's mine. I'll fight anyone who says different, and also please spare me the complaints that Charlie didn't make it. He was consistently annoying and I'm glad he's dead. In order of most ridiculously hot, her we go.
1. James 'Sawyer' Ford (Josh Holloway)
Whether he was coming up with snarky nicknames, starting fights, or jumping out of helicopters, Sawyer was pretty much a revelation. A mix between a male model, Clint Eastwood, and that guy on the cover of a cheesy romance novel with the wit of an contemporary version of Oscar Wilde, it's no wonder how he got both Kate AND Juliet...oh and Ana Lucia (remember that?). His voice is the only thing to sooth baby Aaron when he cries, and some prop genius is always spraying him with olive oil before every take. He's a bad boy with a heart of gold. And I don't know about you, but I find him even more attractive after he gets glasses.

2. Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) 
He kind of reminds you of that geeky professor that you always had a secret crush on. He's definitely an old fashioned romantic (if a romantic at all). Scientist, genius, and skinny tie aficionado, he can almost make you interested in physics...almost. He's also got that really great raspy voice, which you imagine he uses to whisper sweet nothings in your ear to get you in the mood. I love nerds, and he's definitely their undisputed leader. 

3. Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly)
I've already written about this phenomenon. Bottom line is, we all want to hate her, but can't deny that she is pretty much the most beautiful girl on television. Eyes, lips, hair combo. She's pretty much perfection, so I suppose it's not hate then, but just bright green envy. 

4. Mr. Eko (Adewale Akinnyoye-Agbaje)

Again with my priest fetish...well fake priest/drug lord. He was something else wasn't he? All profound and intense, wielding his 'jesus stick' around, crying, sitting and staring out at the's all really quite enticing. And he's huge! He's a total giant, with shoulder muscles the size of my head. You're thinking who in their right mind is going to take him on? He could crush you with his thumb and index finger, but you know who got him in the end...that's right, that giant long thing of black smoke. I've missed him ever since. I can't believe they only gave him one season. Shame on you Lost. 

5. Boone Carlyle (Ian Somerhalder) 
As his step-sister/love interest Shannon ever so eloquently put it; Boone was god's freakin' gift to women. Amen sister. He forever became that standard that all of us girls would compare every man we met subsequently to. 'Well he's no Boone'...'He kind of looks like Boone'...'bullshit, no one looks like Boone' get the idea. At first he seems a little too pretty to be taken seriously, but he keeps on surprising you, whether it's trying to rescue his sister, digging up the hatch with Locke, or swimming into the ocean to try to save a drowning girl. He redefines the spoiled rich kid persona, and the dirtier he gets, the more we like it. He's like an eclipse, I'm afraid to look directly at him because I'm thinking I'm going to go blind. 

6. Juliet Burke (Elizabeth Mitchell) 
She's the anti-Kate. She's blonde, mellow, and thinks before she acts. She's a doctor, and always seems so powerful, and so together. It's undeniably sexy. Also, she has that classic hour glass shape which is rare these days, and one hell of a rack. We all might have secretly wanted to be Kate, but we all wanted to date Juliet. She really was the entire package. Her death scene was one of the most gut wrenching parts of the show. 

7. Desmond Hume (Henry Ian Cusick) 
Oh Desmond. After he appeared, that show changed completely. I don't know what intrigues me more; that he used to be a monk, his ability to see the future, or his wavy locks. Scottish, quirky, and really stressed out, Desmond was such an interesting character to follow. I got so excited every time he ended a sentences with his signature 'brotha' (which was every time he spoke). I definitely opened up a fantasy file on him, pretty early on. If I was on the island, I would purposefully get myself in trouble so that Desmond could run after me to save me. C'mon out smoke monster! Show me what you got! 

8. Sayid Jarrah (Naveen Andrews)
I think out of all my crushes on that show, Sayid was the first. This is really sad, but I must have watched that one Shannon-centric episode like 5 times in a row just to see the love seen between her and Sayid towards the end of it, when he sets up a tent and dinner with some kind of tikki torches for her and then they do it. Prancing around in those tight sleeveless shirts of his, Sayid gets himself into a lot of trouble, but none better than when he's full on S&M tied up with electrical wire by Danielle Rousseau. That was full on kinky, and I loved it. The one thing I couldn't stand was that Nadia chick of his. Man she was annoying. What did he ever see in her? But then again, he fell for Shannon too, he doesn't seem to have the greatest taste in women. But I forgive him. 

9. Claire Littleton (Emilie de Ravin) 
Ok, even though I found her to be profoundly annoying, I have to give the girl props. She has the most piercing pair of baby blues and a cute accent. And even when she's full on preggers, she's a total hottie. And call me crazy, but when she's a nut job jungle lady who can't seem to find her hairbrush, she's even better. 

10. Jin Soo Kwon (Daniel Dae Kim)
After the 1st season, when he's not such an uptight douche anymore, Jin suddenly became a major reason to tune into the show. We all remember that one episode when he's reunited with Sun and he comes out of the tent after a night of obvious wife-nookie, shirtless, and watches the sun rise with a content smile on his face. I think we all gasped a little bit, because we realized that this man has a body that could move mountains. 

11. Sun Hwa Kwon (Yunjin Kim)
Mrs. Jin. She was fierce! The evolution of her character was something else. She started out as this mousy, plain, not-too-interesting and forgettable character, up until we realize that she speaks English, knows how to fire a gun, and can yell her ass off. She just got hotter and hotter. Her hair grew out, and her shirts just got tighter and tighter on her body. Believe me Sun, none of us minded. 

12. Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox)
And now we're back at the center of the shrubbery maze. It always comes back to Jack. He's our guy, he's the hero, he's the leader, he's a friggin' doctor! I've been drooling over Matthew Fox since his time on Party of Five. But it's really difficult to like Jack sometimes. He can be really impulsive and emotional like a girl, and his face contorts in the weirdest ways sometimes. Also, what is up with the Marine Corps hair cut? All that said, he still manages to be some good eye-candy, and I can't deny that I still have an erection thinking about his tattoos. 

13. Christian Shephard (John Terry) 
This is a bit unorthodox, but aside from Jack, I also had a bit of a crush on his pops. He was mature, he was enigmatic, and a total silver fox. So he's a miserable drunk most of the show, who cares? He definitely ignites our Oedipal complexes, though we probably wouldn't admit it. 

14. Charlotte Lewis (Rebecca Mader) 
She's British and feisty. Definitely her own woman with a gorgeous head of red hair. I think she actually looks a lot better in the flash-sideways when has a blind date with Sawyer than during her entire run on the island itself. We really don't understand what her deal is most of the time, or care, but we definitely understand why someone like Daniel Faraday would be coconuts in love with her. 

15. Shannon Rutherford (Maggie Grace)
Even though she was the most annoying thing on that island aside from the smoke monster, and we were all secretly happy when she finally died, I have to put Shannon on this list. Most of the time, she's tanning herself in a bikini or walking around in a mini-skirt that show off those legs of hers that go on for days, whining about something or other. I think she's great if I don't have to hear her speak pretty much.

16. Miles Straume (Ken Leung)
He's a wise-ass who talks to dead people. I was pretty much sold from the beginning. Every show needs a Miles on their roster. He was a breath of fresh air. Yes, he's a bit on the short side, and has bags under his eyes, but I still find him very intriguing. He's another one who gets tied up, for some reason that is such a turn on to me, and then Locke sticks a grenade in his mouth and pulls out the pin. It's a sick show...but I'm sick too so it works out perfectly. 

17. Goodwin Stanhope (Brett Cullen)
Sure we all hate him for being a mole for the Others, but then we see his backstory, and his romance with Juliet (or extra-marital affair actually), and we really start to feel for him. Just like Christian, he also has that older man sex appeal going for him, and even though he was a secondary character, he still caught all of our attention. 

18. Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell)
When he appeared, it was incredible. We all were kind of taken aback, and yes those are his natural eyelashes and he does not wear mascara. He was very much the wise man of the show, obviously considering that he lives forever. The only good part of Season 6 was the Richard centric episode where we find out how he got to be on the island, how he got the sweet job of being advisor to Jacob, and why it is that he never ages, and looks good in everything from tattered slave clothing to Banana Republic khaki pants. 

19. The Man in Black (Titus Welliver) 
Even though he's in little more than two episodes in this particular form and spends the rest of his time terrorizing the survivors as the smoke monster. He has a certain amount of appeal, most of it being in his voice...and also his scruff. I was into it. 

20. Libby Smith (Cynthia Watros)
She was kind of the mother hen of the survivors. Very cute in a cougar kind of way, and very intelligent, which is always sexy. I really don't think they should have killed her off so early, they could have given Libby an interesting arc if they wanted to. Oh well. 

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